Prefabricated spaces

Prefabricated spaces by EZ Group are structures made of galvanized and varnished steel (that guarantees solidity and reliability over time) completed with sandwich panels both for the walls and the covering (which ensure good insulation).

Tailored on the client’s request, our prefabricated spaces are designed, delivered and installed complete with the essential finishings and furniture: they are modular constructions for sites (to be used as canteens, changing rooms, dormitories, offices), privates, industries (to be used as warehouses, offices) and for public uses (schools, …).

The prefabricated spaces can be installed very quickly: this is confirmed by the order received by EZ Group in 2009, which requested dorms after the earthquake in the region Abruzzo.

The many years of experience in this field allows us to dedicate attention, care and professionalism to each sector and area of the structures, ensuring rapid delivery and comfort.

Our premises are earthquake resistant, waterproof and resistant to wind pressure. Once installed, our prefab structers can be immediately used and are already provided with electrical and plumbing systems.

All the customer has to do is to connect the electricity. Thanks to our forty-year experience we have recently expanded our offer by designing and building real prefabricated houses mostly intended for social housing projects in emerging markets.

Houses of different typologies (from 60 to 140 square meters), perfectly insulated, already with electrical and plumbing pre-assembled systems, at extremely competitive costs are disassembled and loaded onto containers.

Detailed analyses, especially for what regards the space occupied during transport, make sure that two complete houses of 80 square meters and 120 square meters are stuffed on a 40’HC container, delivered and assembled in three days on a simple concrete base.

Check out our prefabricated spaces datasheets or ask us for a quote.


Prefabricated spaces

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